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Why compete if you can be in competition

The best digital way of earning instant visibility in Google Search Results and websites (where these ads are run) is through Google Ads. You get to know your genuine buyers/leads/prospects and make them so.

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Boost Your ROI with Lowest Ad Expenditure

At MarkAce, we discuss and get inputs from you about your major Search Engine Marketing Initiatives, Target Audience, Age group, Targeted Demographics, and customer acquisition probability within your Budget, to perform feasibility analysis for running Google Ads as planned. Then, we work on a plan that positions your ad for the most relevant keyword at the lowest price possible to meet all your overall Lead generation needs and to optimize your PPC campaign conversion rate.

All these Ad Campaigns work on Pay Per Click basis, i.e. you get charged only when your Ad is clicked. We will setup Daily budgets as per your targeted  expenditure budget that fits in right inside the bucket to get best Click-Through Rates (CTRs) and maximum conversions. We work right from the start, from setting up a campaign, to creation of ad copies and reviewing its quality score, till you receive the desired end-result in terms of enhanced conversions and improved ROI.

Google Ads Search Certified
Google Ads Search Certified
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Google Ads Shopping Certified
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Google Analytics Certified

Cut Off Your Daily Ad Spend by Rationally Optimized
Google Ads Campaigns

We take pride in being the Premier Google Ads Agency in India. We have a team of PPC experts in India that manages PPC accounts and campaigns of many small to medium-sized businesses. Our 3+ years of expertise facilitates us to understand all the PPC tactics and develop PPC strategies around it, keeping all the client’s requirements in mind. Our PPC Consultants will handle everything to make an impact and boost relevant traffic.




The Approaches We Live By


Analyzing Roots to Optimize PPC

Our PPC consultation services help you figure out how many campaigns you need to run and where, as per your industry footfall by running A/B tests to get onsite comparative results so that you can boost your ROI.


Minimize Account CPC on Relevant Traffic

Playing smart doesn’t cost you extra bucks and spending loads of money to maximum clicks is just the reciprocal of our complete agenda. Stop paying for results you don’t see. We help you choose and play smartly for achieving more from less, so you save enough and double up your profits.


Maximize ROAS

Let’s cut the clutter by getting you straight to what you need, i.e. Return On Advertising Spend. Get Immediate, measurable, and cost-effective results in terms of better ROAS from our experts who have in-depth knowledge about the international markets in terms of what people need and how to deliver the same through ads.


Recharging Funnels to get better Google Ad Rankings/Ad Quality Score

Moreover, we follow the approach of working systematically with integrity by working on the entire ramp, from competitor’s activities to get to know about the customers. This way, we will be able to craft a PPC strategy with minimum chances of failure. By analysing all these research reports, we become capable of bidding the right amount for a specific ad and make funnel friendly strategies.


Data-Centric PPC

We don’t promise to just place random ads, but the ones that can appear on a number of Google sites and gets clicks and converts.

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